The condensation is a normal situation and is not a quality issue. We suggest cleaning this with a clean and dry cloth.
To further prevent leakage, Power adopts the top air intake. Unlike other traditional top air flow, the unique structural design of ARAMAX Power provides six huge airpipes to allow superior flow; this ensures vapers get a very smooth airflow and an ultimate vape experience. 

This unique design also has another advantage with a liquid collecting “pool” at the junction of the battery unit and tank. This means that even if liquid goes through the wick, or condensation is generated, the “pool” can temporarily store this liquid (rather than leak to your hand from other bottom air intake models) and the coil will not be soaked in leaked liquid.
We suggest after several days of vaping, to unscrew the tank and clean the liquid in the “pool”.

You will usually find condensation in other ecig devices also, however due to their design they will usually just leak out.

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