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Numerous studies and experiments were done on the ARAMAX Power to achieve the optimum temperature for the vape, and to the overall heat dissipation on the device. 

However, if the device or the vape is getting too hot please refer to the checklist below:

1#  Cause: Vaping habit
2# Cause: Too high nicotine level
3# Cause: Not enough air flow
4# Cause: Dry burning
5# Cause: Not enough cooling time
6# Cause: Too hot on battery base – Internal contact

The heat (thermal energy converted from electric power) is fixed by the time with the fire button is pressed.
For example, when you press the fire button for 4 seconds, no matter whether you make a puff, or how quick, how deep you make the drag; the heat generated is identical. The more air flowing through the atomizer, the cooler the vape and the device will be.

Note: Avoid to use your lips or tongue to touch the inner surface of the drip tip. When the vapor comes from the coil to the mouth, it will be cooled down all the way but the inner surface of the drip tip could still be hot.      


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