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How long does ARAMAX Power atomizer last?
How long does ARAMAX Power atomizer last?
Written by Ondřej
Updated over a week ago

The lifespan of the atomizer depends on various factors:

  1. How long your draw is

  2. How fast you inhale during the draw

  3. How dusty your environment is

  4. Components of juice - when we develop our liquids we test them extensively for the residue at atomization, other suppliers almost never do those tests.

  5. How you store your device between uses - if it will stay horizontally mostly, then one side can dry out and burn when next used.

  6. How cold is your environment - if the temperature is really low and draws are short with long delays, the liquid can become too viscous to be delivered properly.

Generally speaking, a new ARAMAX Power atomizer supports 2000 draws / 200ml liquid (5ml tank=50 draws).

 Assuming 15ml/day, then 1 atomizer can last around 14 days = 2 weeks.

Note: We recommend to use liquid with 50-65% VG.

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